Our coaching services are fully customized, straight forward and effective. We have a no BS attitude and a hands on, personalized approach. Each plan is based on your needs, ability level, goals and life - No one size fits all. 

Coach Noa cares about her athletes, prides herself in her attention to detail and has a proven track record in taking athletes to the next level.

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Bike Fitting

Due to the repetitive nature of cycling, a proper bike fit (along side many other factors) can prevent injuries & improve performance.

All relevant factors are taken into consideration, using the most advanced tools. From beginners to Olympians, Noa has helped a wide variety of athletes ride injury free and faster with more power.

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Sports Nutrition

We use research based sports nutrition principles while keeping your personal needs, preferences, nutrition and athletic history and goals in mind.

Our goal is to educate and give you the tools needed to fuel your performance so you are able to make smart choices for weight management, to improve your health, increase energy levels, strength, endurance and speed

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