2017 Jump Start Combo

2017 is right around the corner... And we have a combo deal to get you jump started! It includes bike fitting, coaching consultation and nutrition assessment. 

Bike fit

For efficiency, injury prevention, comfort and speed! Road, triathlon, cross, track... Any bike you have - we will make sure it fits you perfectly. Don't have a bike yet? We will help you get the perfect bike and fit it to you. Regular cost: $300-$325.

Coaching consultation

A brainstorming session to help you set some lofty goals for 2017 and the action plan to get after them! You will get an initial 60 min session and a 60 min follow up within 8 weeks to make sure you are on track (additional sessions can be added as/if needed at a later date). Regular cost: $200.

Nutrition assessment

Lets set you up for your healthiest & strongest year! We will review your history, current habits, set goals and come up with ways to tackle your nutrition related road blocks. Includes an initial 60 min session, written summary of our action plan and additional tips of tricks, recipe and meal ideas, and an additional follow up within 4 weeks of the initial session. Regular cost: $325.

You will invest $850 +gst if you get these services separately, but between December 21st and January 3rd, you can get all of them for $748 +gst. Invest in yourself and make 2017 a fast and strong year! 

Want a different package choosing from our various services? We can create something just for you (or a loved one, as a holiday gift!). Get in touch to discuss your options. 

Kona 2016

Racing in Kona is no joke. The island is unique in so many ways and so is the Ironman World Championships race. 

Coach Noa has coached 10+ athletes to compete at Kona, has helped over 50 athletes who have raced there with other areas of their performance and traveled to Kona as a spectator/coach several times. As a result, the island and the race have certainly earned her respect! 

Matti qualified at Ironman Arizona last year. He just wanted to have a good run with no stomach troubles, which he did! It also happened to give him a top 5 finish in the 45-49 AG and a ticket to Kona. He got to the start line happy and ready to take on the day. He had a good day and is already thinking about qualifying again so he can improve on his first time racing on the island.  

Sebastian qualified in the 18-14 AG at Ironman Canada, after not having the race we expected he would have. He actually wasn't sure if he should claim his Kona spot to start off with! A bike accident 3 weeks before race date meant he almost did not make it to the start line... A few new teeth, some stitches and several other injuries later, he was ready to give it his best on race day. He had a solid swim-bike combo and made it to the finish line showing guts and determination. 

Throughout 2016, Noa has worked with several others who have raced (nutrition/bike fitting/swimming): Congrats to Laurel, Zhanna, Adam, Jason, Kate, Fawn, Britni, Steph and Jason!

September Races

While the season never really seems to end as so many of our athletes have varied goals, almost everyone will be done racing in a few weeks... After Kona to be exact. This month, we had Carsten and Stan racing the Vancouver triathlon at the beginning of September... Carsten won the Olympic distance event, leading wire to wire, by close to 8 minutes. Stan was 2nd OA and 1st in AG at the spring distance race.

This Thursday, Stan and Claire competed in the ITU sprint world championships in Cozumel, Mexico.

Gail started the cyclocross season a few weeks ago and will be racing every few weeks... She has already moved up a bit between race #1 and race #2 - great to see and feel the progress!

Well done team! Next up for major races we have Matti and Sebastian in Kona...