March - Sports Nutrition Month

Its March - cherrie blossoms are popping up everywhere in Vancouver (Sorry, the rest of Canada...) and with spring around the corner, we have decided that March is 'Sports Nutrition Month'! To celebrate spring, we will be offering 15% off our sport nutrition services.

Our sport nutrition are broken into 3 main categories: 

  1. Everyday fuelingEverything you need for health, training & recovery: services include nutrition assessments, consulting for accountability & a reliable source for all your questions and meal plans. More info >
  2. Race day fueling Your race day & race week nutrition have a significant impact on your performance. Dial in your fueling strategy and race to your full potential. More info >
  3. Workshops and writingKnowledge & tools for success: workshops/talks, articles/fact sheets on various sport nutrition topics and development of recipes designed for athletes. More info >

Need a helping hand with your nutrition? We would love to help - Get in touch to discuss how we can work together!

  • Services are offered in person if you are in Vancouver, but can be offered online/over the phone/skype as well (Location is not an issue). 
  • To take advantage of the discount, services need to be purchased during the month of March, but if needed, can be scheduled for a later date (up to 6 months from purchase date)
  • Monthly nutrition coaching is not discounted