Whether you are a runner, cyclist, triathlete or a swimmer, beginner, intermediate or advanced, we can help. Every coaching plan starts with a no commitment meeting, where we can get to know each other and decide if a coach-athlete relationship will be a successful one.

All plans are fully customized, simple, no BS and hands on training plans based on your needs, goals, athletic history, ability level, life, schedule, etc - No one size fits all around here. All training plans are delivered weekly, adjusted and modified as needed based on your feedback, our observations during training sessions and power files (if applicable).

You will have regular e-mail and phone contact with Noa to make any adjustment necessary to your program, make sure your training progresses in the desired direction and advice regarding all aspects of your training and performance will be provided. In addition, training adaptation and recovery status will be monitored closely. Your coach will be your 'go to' source for all your questions and will work with other health care professionals as needed to help you achieve your goals. 

What Is Included

  • A fully customized, personal training plan. No two plans are the same
  • Plans are delivered weekly and adjusted as needed
  • Season and race planning
  • Pre race strategies and post race analysis 
  • Unlimited communication with your coach - via training peaks, email, text, phone or any other communication method that works for you
  • Training Peaks account (Basic or Premium available)
  • 15% off bike fitting services, private sessions/analysis and sports nutrition services
  • 10% off training camps
  • Review of training peaks comments and files (when posted by the athlete)
  • Ongoing advice/discussions on training, equipment, travel, balancing life with training and integration of recovery strategies, injury prevention and management and anything else that is needed to help you reach your potential 

Getting Started

  1. Lets meet! Either in person (preferred for those in Vancouver) or over the phone, this meeting will give you the opportunity to get to know Noa a bit better (and vice versa!), ask questions and determine wether a coach-athlete relationship will be a successful one 

  2. Fill in our questionnaire, designed to provide us with information regarding your training history, schedule, goals, injury and health history, strengths and weaknesses and everything else necessary for us to get to know you better and design the best program for you

  3. You will get a training peaks account, where your workouts will be posted. You can upload files, use it as your personal online training calendar that I have access to and much more

  4. We get to work - Noa starts planning and you start training and racing!


Single sport (cycling or running): $215 - $350 / month (+gst)

Triathlon: $315 - $450 / month (+gst)

Set up fee: One time payment of $50 (+gst), due at the start of the program

Group sessions are added to the monthly fees above. In addition, monthly 'add ons' can include private sessions/video analysis, additional mentoring/consulting time and sport nutrition services. This will be discussed during our initial meeting to make sure you get the coaching support to fit your needs, budget and goals. These extras, as well as bike fitting services, can also be added on an 'as needed' basis (15% discount applies).