We have a very hands on approach to coaching and love seeing our local athletes on a regular basis. Our athletes have fun training together, support each other in training and racing and encourage and push each other at every training session and outside training/racing too. 

Join our great group of athletes for challenging and effective fun training sessions - All ability levels welcome to most sessions. We maintain a small athlete to coach ratio, each session is adjusted to each athlete and we provide a highly effective program, with proven results. We do things a bit differently than most squads - come experience it for yourself! 

  • We have additional training sessions that are only open to advanced athletes and the Pacific Tri-Works squad (including promising junior athletes). If you think you have what it takes to join these, get in touch
  • You are welcome to join us even if you are not one of our coached athletes. We love connecting with other athletes and collaborating with other teams.  

Training Schedule

The schedule below is for November - December 2015 (inclusive). In the winter, we add more sessions and in the spring/summer, we offer even more cycling, transition/brick sessions and open water swims. 

Tuesday - Swim, 7:00-8:00am (Vancouver Aquatic Center)

Wednesday - Swim, 5:30-7:00am (Vancouver Aquatic Center) 

Thursday - Swim, 7:00-8:00am (Vancouver Aquatic Center)

                  -  Run, 5:00-6:00pm (Olympic Village / False Creek)

Friday - Swim, 5:30-6:30am (Vancouver Aquatic Center)


* Wednesday evening rides will start at the end end of April. 

** Open water swims will start mid May. 


Group session fees are built into the monthly coaching fees for those coached by Noa, as needed to work with the overall plan. For everyone else, we are happy to create a personalized group session package that includes runs, rides and swims, to fit within your schedule and budget. 


  • Option #1 - $10 per swim for 1-3 weekly swims (paid monthly or quarterly, in advance)
  • Option #2 - $120 for a 'punch card' of 10 swims (based on availability)
  • Option #3 - $15 drop in (please email before hand - space is extremely limited)


  • Option #1 - $40/month for 4 sessions per month  /  $60/month for 4-8 sessions per month  (paid monthly, in advance)
  • Option #2 - $12 drop in (please email before hand)