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 Cycling is a repetitive sport. A proper bike fit, appropriate equipment, correct technique and adequate training patterns can prevent injuries from developing and improve cycling performance. It is important to consider the extrinsic factors, such as riding patterns, and intrinsic factors (anatomical factors) such as leg length discrepancy, muscle imbalance, flexibility issues, core strength, posture, etc to achieve the perfect fit.

Noa has balanced experience helping athletes maximize their performance, deal with injuries and imbalances and ride more comfortably for 11+ years. Her extensive experience spans over thousands of bike fits (over 350 bike fits in 2015 alone and close to 400 in 2016) and she has extensive education and knowledge in exercise physiology, anatomy, cycling specific injuries, biomechanics and coaching. She has worked with recreational athletes, Olympians and everyone in between and has experience fitting road, Time-Trial, triathlon (ITU & non draft legal for various distances), Track, Cyclocross, MTB and even tandems!  Read more about Noa. 

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