2015 in 1 to 10

Year end summaries seem to be the thing to do, aren't they? I have done then before, but I am finding it very hard to summarize 2015 because it has been a bit of a roller coaster ride. Overall it was fun, a bit stressful at times and left me wanting more - the perfect adrenaline filled roller coaster ride! 

Instead of writing a long post about 2015, here are some highlights, 1 to 10. 

  1. #1 rank in the junior elite Canadian series and a spot at junior elite worlds for Michael Milic
  2. 2 seconds - how much Victoria Gilbert missed a Kona spot by. She is one of the gutsiest athletes I know!
  3. 3 Kona spots earned (Graham Leitch, Jamie Woodbury & Matti Schroderus for 2016)
  4. 4 wins (out of 6 races) for Robert Johnson
  5. 5am alarm clocks to get to the pool... Ouch
  6. 6 races entered and 6 podium spots earned for Robert Johnson (including bronze at AG worlds)
  7. 7 bike fits done per week, on average (over a period of 46 weeks, due to travel schedule)
  8. Ironman time that starts with an 8 - a first (of many) for Dylan Gleeson in his first year as a professional triathlete (8:52, including a 15 min flat)
  9. 9 years in business for PT Performance Training, celebrated in July!
  10. Multiple top 10 pro finishes for Cheryl Orlovsky in her first year as a professional triathlete

There were so many more awesome moments, countless PB's and endless smiles (or grimaces?!). I have been planning 2016 for the last few weeks and hope to finally get some traction on a few awesome projects. Some might seem like endless ones, but good things are often worth waiting for!

Here is to a great 2015 and to an even more awesome and epic roller coaster ride in 2016!