Kona 2016

Racing in Kona is no joke. The island is unique in so many ways and so is the Ironman World Championships race. 

Coach Noa has coached 10+ athletes to compete at Kona, has helped over 50 athletes who have raced there with other areas of their performance and traveled to Kona as a spectator/coach several times. As a result, the island and the race have certainly earned her respect! 

Matti qualified at Ironman Arizona last year. He just wanted to have a good run with no stomach troubles, which he did! It also happened to give him a top 5 finish in the 45-49 AG and a ticket to Kona. He got to the start line happy and ready to take on the day. He had a good day and is already thinking about qualifying again so he can improve on his first time racing on the island.  

Sebastian qualified in the 18-14 AG at Ironman Canada, after not having the race we expected he would have. He actually wasn't sure if he should claim his Kona spot to start off with! A bike accident 3 weeks before race date meant he almost did not make it to the start line... A few new teeth, some stitches and several other injuries later, he was ready to give it his best on race day. He had a solid swim-bike combo and made it to the finish line showing guts and determination. 

Throughout 2016, Noa has worked with several others who have raced (nutrition/bike fitting/swimming): Congrats to Laurel, Zhanna, Adam, Jason, Kate, Fawn, Britni, Steph and Jason!