Challenge Penticton & Americas Masters Games Results

What a great day at the races today! In Challenge Penticton:

  • Jamie Woodbury lead the way with 9th OA, 1st in AG.
  • Barry Berg: 2nd in AG
  • Karen Forsman: 5th in AG
  • Richard Hayden: 8th
  • Michael Godfrey: 11th (still qualified for world next year because of a new AG next year)
  • Omid Manouchehri: 27th

Meanwhile in Vancouver, Paul Taylor raced the cycling road race in the Americas Masters Games (50+ AG), where he placed 2nd. 

Interesting fact - Paul and his wife Kim started training for triathlon with Performance Training approx. 6 months after it was established... In the fall of 2006! I (Noa) coached them for a few years before priorities changed and our coach-athlete relationships was put on hold. We stayed in touch, however, and in the start of 2016, I started coaching Paul again... This time for cycling vs triathlon. I remember both being a rock for me exactly 9 years ago, as I transitioned from working part time at a bike shop and trying to establish my business to all of a sudden being given an ultimatum to choose between my part time job, or the growth of Performance Training. I think I made the right choice and I am forever thankful for people like Paul & Kim who have encouraged me to hustle hard and believed in me.