Jumping into Something New - Website Revamped

You know how January is traditionally the time when people tend to make new year resolutions, etc? It never quite resonated with me (which I suppose is a topic for another time). Instead, I always felt like September was the start of the year and a better time to create new habits, evaluate things and make changes, if needed. 

I have been working on a website re-design since the spring and as a result of how I feel about September, I planned on finishing re-building the website by the start of October. The re-design is mostly creating a better flow for the time being and condensing everything I do under one roof, which has been quite the challenge. There are still some things that I am working on, but done is better than perfect!

I hope you explore the site and keep coming back for more as I update everything further. There will be courses, significantly more frequent blog updates on various topics and back to posting recipes on a regular basis. I am also in the process of moving all recipes posted elsewhere to a 'recipe box' under this site. 

More soon,