A resource to all your questions. My job is to keep up to date with all the latest sport science research and information out there, filter through it, and then share my knowledge with you. There is so much information out there – it can be very confusing!

I strive to answer all your questions in an easy to understand way and help you create a strategy that will be applicable to your individual situation and needs. Consultations can be done on the phone, face to face, via Skype or email. Available for athletes, coaches, personal trainers and other health care professionals. Areas of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Exercise physiology
  • Sports nutrition
  • Skill acquisition and fine motor learning
  • Coaching theories & various coaching models
  • Biomechanics, especially swim, bike and run technique and bike fittings
  • Equipment selection for swimming, cycling and running
  • Adaptation to endurance exercise
  • Power meters and training with power
  • Review of training plans
  • For nutrition topics, click here.

The process

  • A comprehensive questionnaire to get us started. Your information is reviewed prior to our consulting appointment
  • A 60 minute consulting session to answer questions and come up with an action plan
  • 1-2 x short follow up emails if needed
  • Additional consulting sessions can be purchased - discounts of up to 15% for 3+ sessions

Hourly Consulting


Get 3+ sessions & save up to 15%

All prices are in Canadian Dollars and subject to GST

Consultations are done on the phone or online meeting

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