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I have been involved in competitive sport most of my life, starting as a swimmer at age 5. I began coaching as a 16 year old, to help my swimming coach at the time, who taught me many lessons about coaching. Her influence went beyond teaching me how to plan swim sessions, technique, etc. She taught me about hard work, no excuses attitude, attention to detail and dedication. These lessons have shaped the way I approach coaching.

I am a coach, exercise physiologist, biomechanist, and sports nutritionist. Vancouver, BC is home, which I absolutely love for its great endurance community, fantastic local coffee, great food, the ocean & mountains.

Aside from my start as a swimmer, I also played tennis, basketball soccer and tried gymnastics. I enjoyed both swimming and running, but at age 11 my swimming coach told me I needed to choose one or the other. Since I have never been very good with choices like that, I decided that adding cycling to the mix would be a great idea instead of picking just one sport… After only one training session with my new triathlon team, I knew I found the sport for me, although I continued to train with a track and field team as part of the Israeli youth development program and run cross country through high school.

I won several elite junior national titles in triathlon and cycling, I have raced at an international level since I was 15 years old, taking part in European Youth Cup races, European Junior Championships, Mountain Running World championships and various ITU pro races. I competed in hundreds of races, ranging from sprint triathlons to Half Ironman triathlons, in addition to national and international cycling and running events.

In December 2004, I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and was forced to stop training and racing. I chose to cope by focusing on my studies, with a goal of dedicating my career to helping others achieve their athletic goals.

In 2005, I graduated with a sport coaching and science degree (Canterbury University/Christchurch College of education in Christchurch, NZ). My thesis measured the impact manipulating seat tube angle on athletes’ bikes has on VO2max, power output and threshold. Shortly after, I moved to Victoria BC and started Performance Training. My personal experience as an athlete with disordered eating, overtraining and chronic fatigue syndrome sparked an interest in sport nutrition, prompting me to further my education in the field & ability to help athletes. In 2009, I graduates with the prestigious & internationally recognized IOC post graduate diploma in sport nutrition. 

I have been fortunate to gain valuable experience working with a variety of athletes as a coach, nutritionist and bike fitter. I have worked with absolute beginners to Olympians to anyone in between. I am passionate about excellence, helping athletes achieve their goals and developing young, promising athletes into international performers and podium competitors. I enjoy working with ambitious and hard working athletes of all ability levels, both age group and elite.

I also have an additional, relevant project on the go – EmpowerHer Cycling, dedicated to empowering women to take control of their cycling experience.



  • ISAK level I – International Society of the Advancement of Kinanthropometry 
  • NCCP Multi-sport competition development modules completed 
  • International Olympic Committee – Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Nutrition 
  • NCCP triathlon introduction to competition 
  • Canterbury University, Christchurch, NZ – Bachelor of Sport Coaching & Science, specializing in performance physiology & biomechanics


  • RTC coach – Vancouver, BC. Working with junior elite & provincial elite squad (2013)
  • Camosun College: Nutrition for sport & fitness lecturer (2011 & 2012 winter semester)
  • Triathlon Canada senior squad technical swimming coach, working with Simon Whitfield and Andrew Russell (November-December 2011)
  • Former elite triathlete (Junior) and ISR national team member. Raced 100's of events of various distances in cycling, triathlon and running
  • 18+ years coaching experience in various endurance sports, working with kids, juniors and age group levels. Proven experience developing athletes to first time triathletes all the way paving the path to an international, elite level of competition
  • 11+ years bike fitting experience, 10 of it using Retul 3D dynamic motion caption system
  • Experience bike fitting Olympians, national champions, professional athletes and other athletes of all ability levels - Thousands of bike fits performed 
  • Developed Adam O’Meara to sub 9 hours Ironman results, Emma Lujan from 1st triathlon to ITU elite racing within 1 year, Leif Baradoy & Robert Johnson to multiple AG world championship medals, Dylan Gleeson to top amateur at IMC & sub 9 hour Ironman, junior elite athletes in Vancouver through Pacific Tri-Works, who represent Canada at various international ITU championships and 10+ athletes qualified for Kona
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