Pre-Purchase Fitting & Consulting

Looking to buy a new bike? Need an unbiased opinion about finding the right bike for you? Wondering what size you should get for an optimal fit based on your goals, fitness level, range of motion and previous injuries? We can help with a pre-purchase bike fit consultation.

The process includes an interview to asses your needs, background and goals, an assessment of body structure, narrowing down bike choices and then comparing various geometry charts. We also discuss part selection (bars, crank length, saddles, etc) and other relevant equipment, as needed (eg. helmets, shoes, insoles, etc). 

Bike fit consultations can be done remotely via phone/email/skype or in person (in the Vancouver area). If bike data is not available, we might ask to see you on your current bike as part of the consultation process. 


Consulting fees are based on a rate of $100/hour (+gst), billed in 15 minute increments. Most sessions take 60 minutes. If you have previously worked with Noa, the duration will be likely be shorter. 

If you get fitted by Noa once you have your new bike, your bike fit will be discounted to $235 (original $300) or the usual 'by the hour bike fit' rate of $150/hour if you were fitted by Noa previously.